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Michael Sherwin Exhibition and Lecture


Apothecary and the UTC Department of Art are pleased to present an exhibition by Michael Sherwin entitled Divided Sky. The artist will be on campus on Thursday, September 15th presenting a lecture about his work at 5:30pm in the Fine Arts Center followed by the exhibition opening at 6:30 at Apothecary. Sherwin will be exhibiting a collection of books, photographs and video examining nature and the scientific method.

From Artist Statement

It is a natural human tendency to seek answers to the unknown, the intangible. When we gaze at the night sky, it is often challenging just to sit there and look, accepting our view for what it is, an enormous, wonderful mystery. Instead we search for patterns in an otherwise random galaxy, fabricating constellations and labeling stars. As an artist, I am fascinated by our futile quest to find reason in uncertainty, order in chaos, and pattern in randomness. Using the mediums of photography, video and installation, I make art that reflects on the experience of observing nature through the lenses of science and popular culture. From webcams to waves, the subjects of my gaze are treated with obsessive methods of analysis and observation, articulating the boundaries between art and science, here and there, the known and unknown.

Michael Sherwin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The Ohio State University in 1999, and received his Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon in 2004. Michael is Assistant Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at West Virginia University. He has won numerous grants and awards for his work, and has been exhibited widely.

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