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New Range, by Jason Meyer


On exhibit from October 30 - November 8, New Range is an exhibition of sculptural works by Jason Meyer. Utilizing materials that shift between human-made and organic, these pieces explore our relationship to the natural world. In Meyer's work, organic matter like antler and soil succumb to physical abstraction, rigid structure, and geometry while human-made materials such as electrical wire and plastic are manipulated into organic forms. Meyer’s works examine our strange position among a world that we simultaneously study, define, deny, destroy, protect, and romanticize.

Jason Meyer is a recent transplant to the South: having moved to Chattanooga from Baltimore in August. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln; he spent a decade in Chicago followed by two years in Maryland. He has shown nationally in Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, New Jersey, Michigan, Kentucky and Nebraska, drawing reviews in Sculpture, Art Papers, and various newspapers. An early career retrospective of Meyer's work was presented by the Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore earlier this summer.

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